PHR204 Biochemistry II (T:2 P:0 C:2)
The main topics are metabolism of carbohydrates and its control, metabolisms of lipids and proteins and nucleic acids and their control, function and replication of information macromolecules, hormones and mechanism of hormon action and integration of metabolisms. Also special topics like vitamins, hemostasis and thrombosis, biological membranes and transport mechanisms will be discussed. 

Core Textbook: Murray, R. K., Bender, D. A., Botham, K. M., Rodwell, V. W., Weil, P. A. (2013), Harper's Illustrated Bichemistry, 29th Edition, McGrawHill, ISBN-13: 978-0071765763 
Champ, P. C., Harvey, R.A., Ferrier, D,R.(2012), Biochemistry (Lippincot's Illustrated Reviews), 6th Edition, Walter Kluver Health, LWW, ISBN-13: 978-1451175622 
Additional Resources:
Nelson, D. L., Cox M. M. (2012), Lehninger principles of biochemistry, 6th edition, New York : W. H. Freeman, ISBN-13: 978-1429234146
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