PHR 309 Clinical Biochemistry (T: 1, P: 4, C: 3)
Introduction to biochemical analysis, biochemistry of the circulatory system, bilirubin metabolism, liver functions and jaundice, and related disorders, biochemistry and disorders of immune system, blood biochemistry, coagulation, hematological disorders, biochemistry of the digestive system and its disorders, digestion of lipids and phospholipids and disorders of lipid metabolism, structure and functions of kidney, kidney function tests, renal diseases and the related biochemical data, renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, hypertension and coronary heart diseases and the related biochemical tests, biochemistry and the disorders of endocrine system, biochemistry and the complications of diabetes mellitus, cancer biochemistry are the main topics. 
Clinical Biochemistry Lab. 
Basic techniques in biochemical analysis, hematological tests, quantitative tests for carbohydrates, proteins and total lipids in blood and urine, determination of cholesterol and lipoproteins in plasma, liver and kidney function tests, determination of keton bodies and their metabolites in urine, enzymatic tests will be performed. 

Core Textbook: Crook, M. A. (2012), Clinical Chemistry and Metabolic Medicine, 8th edition, Hodder Arnold, ISBN-13: 978-1444144147 
Marshall, W. J. and Bangert, S. K. (2012). Clinical chemistry, 7th edition, Edinburgh : Mosby, ISBN-13: 978-0723437031