Objectives of the Course

The main objective of this course is:

to provide students with critical and analytical approach to historical events with diverse current interdisciplinary topics in the field of architecture.

Learning Outcomes

A student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

  1. comprehend the nature of  history in the study of contemporary architecture and its interdisciplinary character;
  2. identify diverse social, theoretical, historical, technological and professional topics related to the field of contemporary architecture;
  3. use principal resources of research and study in contemporary architecture;
  4. critique historical events in contemporary architecture and related fields;
  5. To interpret contemporary architecture and related fields.

Course Contents

This course has a critical approach to historical events specially the very latest ones. The comprehensive understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of architecture shall be under consideration. Employing the various cognitive models to make the students capable to follow world events shall be the main aspect of this course to highlight contemporary architecture as a worldwide phenomenon. The study of contemporary architecture as an interdisciplinary study is the essential part of this course. So the main methodology and approach for this course is Analytic instead of Chronological. That is why it is important that the lecturer focuses on the different reasoning skills and even interpretative processing of the information from