POLS 301 - European Political History (3,0)3

Historical analysis of political and diplomatic relations between the great powers of Europe in the late XIX-XX century is presented and then the introduction of U.S. politics into the world power arena is included to the analysis. The emphasis is initially placed on the relations between Britain, France, Austria, Russia, Germany and the Ottoman Empire; the Eastern Question, German and Italian unifications, the Balkan Crisis, World War I and II. In the second half of the course, the emphasis will shift to the post-World War II diplomatic events: the peace conferences and settlements, the creation of the European Community, the history and political dynamics of the Cold War, and its European implications.

Textbooks: Roberts, J.M. 1992. History of the World. London: Penguin Books.

Peacock, H.L. 1982. A History of Modern Europe 1789-1981. London: Heinemann Educational.